What are engagement groups?

Engagement groups are pods where individuals will interact with each others posts. Instagram algorithm have changed and right now its showing your new post only to a small % of your followers, which means if your not getting likes/comments/saves/shares within the first 30 minutes, IG hides it from the rest. So engagement groups will help you to beat the algorithm and reach the explorer page or top hashtags, this will bring more traffic on your account.

What makes our groups different is that we have Verified members on our groups, we already have 200+ verified groups available with 1000+ Verified members and we accept a few non verified accounts on each group.

How does it work?

You simply like/comment 4+words on the posts that are shared on the group and when u have a new post they will do the same back at you. One group haves 25-32 members in total. We remove the ones that don’t show love back also we remove inactive members and add new active ones, so the group remains active all the time.